On the Name:

“Anatolian Tiger” is a nickname given to economically dynamic and politically conservative cities in the Anatolian heartland. I will be visiting none of them in my upcoming trip, but the name was available and appealing enough. Certainly good enough to beat “Romp on the Aegean,” which was a title I considered for a few seconds.

What the Blog Will Not Do:

Because my trip has an academic focus, I assure the reader that entries will not merely be touristy scribblings on sundry Turkish “exotica.” My initial responses to Istanbul, Bursa, Pamukkale, Afyon, and others might be ones of curiosity or awe, but I hope to record more thoroughly processed reflections here. Expect fewer pictures than you would like––I am no photographer, but I will try to provide visual aids whenever necessary and possible. I will also not be announcing itinerary ahead of time, so locations will always be a surprise, whether delightful or no. Also, these posts are not meant to replace the journal entries I am required to write for the class portion of the trip. Finally, I can’t promise to be good-humored at all times, and will likely sound cross or critical more often than not. Levity will work its way in naturally or not at all.

What the Blog IS:

A place to capture impressions of a place as well as the person who took the journey.

Official Greeting:

Welcome one and all. I hope that you find this site informative and helpful and wish good reading.


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